Bilbao to Zermatt [via Geneva]

of traveling in Summer and time-saving design

Saturday has been a long ass day. It’s no secret that flying is not my favourite thing to do and the heat hasn’t helped either. If that wasn’t enough, our flight has been delayed some 30 minutes (BIO-GVA is not a preferential route), which we had to spend stuck in the aluminium alloy coffin, surrounded by crying babies. Traveling in Summer, oh what a joy!

We’ve finally arrived in Geneva. As we were waiting for the baggage, I have approached to the information point where I have met this Basque couple who wanted to get to Zermatt too, to tackle the Tour of Monte Rosa.

Dark by the time we arrived in Zermatt

The train hasn’t been that bad, even if it has gone fully packed for a while. A short stop at Visp to change trains and we were back on track on our way to Zermatt. Only an hour later we arrived in our destination and started looking for the hotel like mad, as it was already nine at night and we had to leave the suitcases and go back to find a place open for dinner.


Let me see how I can say this: our resources are limited or, better said, our budget extremely tight. That is why even if our hotel was at the Main Street, the building and the services provided were not on par with the location.

The entrance is located on the darkest ally of all Switzerland, there is nothing that indicates there is a hotel. There is also no desk but a telephone should you needed to call the police, firefighters, ambulance, or hotel owner. The keys? Read the low quality photocopy taped to the wall, find your name, and take the key that was assigned to you. Yes, all the keys are hanging there, waiting for anyone to pick them up, there is no control on who takes them and makes use of the rooms.

You probably guessed it by now but there is no elevator and our rooms are on floors 3 and 4. Rooms are dark because of a combination of 40Watt lightbulbs and the gloomy color palette: navy blue carpet, wood paneling, brown linoleum floor on the bathroom, and even darker brown linoleum fake tiles on walls.

The bathroom not only looks small but it really is. It has it’s perks, such as you don’t need to finish taking a dump to wash your hands, you can do all at the same time!

And we have rushed to a restaurant to eat something before they closed. Then off to sleep.

The High Street

Sheep coming out of a hood

The high street is full of hotels, hiking gear and souvenir stores. There are some luxury brands and fast food restaurants too. Pedestrians wander about freely, moving away when an electric car goes up or down — the only cars allowed in Zermatt.


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